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Joy Yanes

I am a retired nurse and Massage Therapist. Many years ago I fell in love with Holistic Therapies/Alternative Medicine and above all Energy Work. I’m a Chakra Master. I’ve also studied Qi Gong, Prana, Reiki, (usui and Seichem), Therapeutic Touch and Hypnosis among many other things. It’s my passion to see people Whole, Healed and Empowered. I am a member of the Hypnosis Education Association, The International Hypnosis Federation and Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis.

Maybe I should start by explaining a bit about Life Balance Pathways. For many years my passion has been to see people Whole, Healed and Empowered. I started on a Nursing Career hoping to see just that; I also became a Licensed Massage Therapist for the same reason. Both of these careers required Continuing Education (CEU’s) to maintain the licenses. Through the CEU’s I fell in love with Holistic and Alternative Modalities and Energy Work.

I quickly became disillusioned with nursing (although I continued for another twenty years) I pursued Energy Work and followed a path of self-discovery. I was first introduced to Reiki and studied Usui and Seichem;  I continued to study and discovered Therapeutic Touch and found that I could feel and sense things. Through Massage Therapy I would get glimpses into the lives of my clients and somehow “just know things.” While still working as a nurse I continued to study Pranic Energy, Reiki, Qi Gong,  I also studied Hypnosis and finally became a Certified Hypnotist.  I have been blessed to find amazing teachers over the years that have taught me so much, I still find teachers and continue to learn.

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