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Reiki is what??

Updated: Mar 8

Probably the most often asked question I get is this “what does Reiki do”?

I have two very basic answers.

But I’ll start with the basics of Reiki.

The founder is Mikao Usui (1865–1926)

Rei "soul, spirit" and ki, meaning “vital energy."

Reiki was brought to the west from Japan in 1937 by Mrs. Hwayo Takata

So, on to my two basic answers.

Our Chakras should be open, beautiful, shining, spinning and happily connecting us to the Universe, the Life Force (ki or chi), but through life, stress, trauma and just that daily grind our Chakras become “clogged”, I always picture an old vacuum cleaner, once in a while we need to clean the roller, it’s still spinning, it’s just clogged. Reiki cleans our “rollers”, our Chakras.

The second way I explain it is this, our Chakras should be in perfect harmony, but again, through life they get a bit out of tune, Reiki re-tunes us.

This helps bring balance and clarity, it makes room for wellness, wholeness and usually a feeling of being at peace.

So this is my Very Basic info on Reiki.

I’m always happy to answer questions. Call or text me anytime.

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